Gas & Electric Mounted Heater Brands

As we populate this page in the near future, please note that we carry excellent brands of quality and performance.  The leader in gas is Sunpak, which you've probably seen at most high-end restaurants around our Valley.  Just simply a perfect product, and everybody knows that gas is the most efficient way (and effective) to heat a localized area.  Next up is the newcomer Bromic, with their 'flat panel' design.  These are also gas heaters, and while not nearly as effective as the Sunpak heaters, they ARE better looking for lower-clearance mountings.  Last up is the Infratech line, which employ electrical elements to heat areas.  They come in 110v and 220v offerings (tip: 110v is a waste of money), and they also have killer controls that can be mounted to operate them individually or collectively.  A super line of products...  Enjoy!

SUNPAK GAS HEATERS (With or Without Remotes)


INFRATECH ELECTRIC HEATERS (220v Dual-Element Heaters)