We are extremely pleased to be able to say that since our initial existence in the year 2000, we've had the American Outdoor Grill line in our store(s).  This is a fabulous product, made by R.H. Peterson ( aka, FireMagic ) in Southern California, and it's what we call "Bullet Proof".  They simply do not fail, they do not cause our clients grief, and we've been blessed to be able to stand behind this grill for most of it's ( adult ) life. :)

And the brand continues to get better, introducing lights in the hood several years ago, and now, for 2017/2018, they're offering LED's at the front, too!!  This grill often times competes with the Blaze Premier line ( in terms of size, features, etc. ), but half of our clients understand that the AOG has a well-earned reputation of being very close to 'perfect', so they spend a little more and get the AOG brand if they want a virtual guarantee to have the grill outlive them.  

Click below to see the newest brochure on what is the 'residential line of FireMagic', and if you have any questions or comments, please let us know - that's what we're here for!!!  :)