Above Ground Spa Water Care Recommendations

At All Valley Backyard, we like simple.  We like the convenience of well thought out and engineered products, too.  So, we've now begun marketing the Spa Frog Easy system.  Quite literally, rather than pouring spa chlorine or bromine into your spa, and rather than dealing with the blue or yellow mineral stick, there is now a floating system that does all of this automatically without you having to administer the chemicals on your own.  Watch the video - a great, simple product to use and enjoy!!


  1. Make sure you have a new spa - if not, then get with your spa dealer and request a 'clean out' product that will need to be used prior to any new chemical system being used in your spa. The clean out will break down and get rid of old chemicals and 'stuff' in the water lines and hoses so that you can start new!
  2. A) Fill your spa up with water - we recommend a water filter be used when filling your spa. B) Always fill your spa through the filter area - do NOT fill your spa by putting the hose in the middle of the spa. Fill to the bottom of the highest jet. C) When filled, turn on and off the breaker switch quickly - in other words, turn on the power, then turn it off immediately. D) After 30 seconds, turn the power on and let it stay on. E) While the spa is now running, pour the Metal Gone product into the water. (Always place chemicals in the spa whilst the spa is on/water is moving.)
  3. Open the Frog Easy Care system (Blue and Grey box) and immediately dump the packet of RESERVE chemicals in the water. Again, always have the spa running when you place any chemicals in the water.
  4. Take the grey cartridge and combine with the blue cartridge. Lock them together per the instructions.
  5. On the back of the grey cartridge, open the system to 2 (between 2 and 3 on the scale). Then, immerse the blue and grey cartridges into the water to get all the air out.  After doing this, this 'floater' floats in your spa for 1 month! And, it's safe to keep it in the spa whilst you're soaking - but you can remove it when in the spa if you'd like - it's NON TOXIC!! (For 7x7 spas or smaller, the '2' setting should work.  For 8x8 spas or larger, start off with the '3' setting.)
  6. In about a month, the grey cartridge will need to be replaced - put on a new one but keep the Blue cartridge.  Obviously, set the Grey cartridge to 2 or 3 again, submerse them into the water, and that's it! You're covered for another month!
  7. When you've run through a total of four (4) grey and one (1) blue cartridges, you will need a new system. Come in to All Valley to get a replacement 2-box system!! (If you bought your spa from us, remind us - get 10% off! :)
  8. During this time, you may need the following Leisure Time chemicals to be administered from time to time: Renew, Spa Up, Spa Down, Foam Down, Spa Defender, Bright & Clear, etc. Get with us to see if you need more than Metal Gone and the Frog system.  Some people do, but not everybody does.
  9. ALWAYS clean your spa filter every two or three weeks - do NOT let it go for more than that!!  Use Filter Cleaner - just spraying off your filter does absolutely nothing. (To clean, take the filter out - spray with the filter cleaner - then wash off the filter.  Then, let the filter drip-dry for about 20 minutes.  THEN, you can put back into your spa....) (Remember: spraying water on the OUTSIDE of the pleated filter is crazy... you're actually imbedding the dirt back into the filter... you need to go up through the center of the filter and spray outwards.. OR, use the wand that we may have provided for you.)
  10. For some of you, every 60 days, you MAY need another packet of Sodium Bromide - the reserve from Frog.  So if after 60 days, if your water is a little hazy, come into our store and we'll sell you another small packet of Sodium Bromide reserve.
  11. You can go to the manufacturer's website here if you want more information:  Frog@easeSystem