Pride Piper is the oldest Coachella Valley small business that does repairs on Fireplaces, Fire Pits, Gas & Electric Heaters, and BBQ Grills.  Started in 1978, Pride Piper has the unique distinction of being the oldest business of its kind! Founded by Mr. Marcks as a Patio Furniture store on Highway 111, Pride Piper has evolved to being a Valley-Wide mobile service company that serves residences and estates, from Palm Springs to Thermal!

Contact them at either PRIDEPIPER78@GMAIL.COM  or  760-568-5009

Hello! Please note that All Valley uses Pride Piper Service & Repair exclusively as our 'service and repair' arm of our business.  In fact, Pride Piper does work for other shops here in the Valley, too, including MANY HOA Associations / Management Companies.  The technician, Eric Taylor, has been working with Pride Piper for 14 years!

Pride Piper charges $189 for their 3/4 hour service call, which includes any drive fees associated with the service call.  Additionally, each additional 1/4 hour is $25.  Now, the GREAT thing about Pride Piper is that they charge by time... for example, if the initial Service Call only takes 30 minutes and all issues are solved, they earn the $189 (plus any parts).  However, let's say that this same 30 minutes reveals that a part must be ordered, and then once the part is ordered and comes in, a 2nd service call will be needed.  Guess what?  On the 2nd service call, the first 15 minutes are owed (as part of the $189 initial service call), so if the 2nd service call takes only 15 minutes, then there will NOT be any additional labor charged!  And let's say it takes an extra 30 minutes on the 2nd service call... well, that will result in only a 15 minute ($25) labor charge because you, the client, received a total of 1 HOUR, so that's $189 plus $25.  How 'bout them apples?  Pride Piper does NOT gouge the client!

Pride Piper works on most makes of BBQ's (Call first to find out which brands they do or do not work on), Patio Heaters (Both gas and electric), Fireplaces (Remote systems and other issues - they do NOT service wall-switch type fireplaces), fire pits, etc.

Please call 760-568-5009 to set a time and day that works for you!  They usually schedule a 2-hour window, and while not a guaranteed time of arrival and departure, they strive to be within that time frame.  They usually call 30 minutes prior to the appointment to give you time to get from where you are to the location of the service, and they accept Visa/Mastercard or Venmo/Zelle.  They also do not bill, so payment is due when they perform the service call.  And, someone needs to be there to sign off on the technicians work.

Thank you - hope that helps!!


BBQ Services Offered:

**Service & Repair of most brands of BBQ's   **Cleanings through Mr. BBQ (Call for details)   **Gas Hook-Ups

Fireplace Services Offered:

**Service & Repair of most brands of Fireplaces   **Installation of Remote Systems   **Retrofit Fire-Glass Installations   **Level 1 Inspections of Operation of Appliance/Device (NOTE: They do not do Level 2 or 3 inspections for creosote build-up or getting on the roof for visual flu damage)

Fire Pit Services Offered:

**Service & Repair of most Fire Pits   **Clean-Out Services for water damage/pipe replacement   **Burner Replacement

Space Heater Services Offered:

**Service & Repair of most Space Heaters   **Burner Replacement   **Pilot Assembly Installation


If you need a Level 2 or 3 Fireplace inspection, please contact All Seasons in Yucca Valley - they are licensed to perform these inspections.  Additionally, if you need a Chimney Sweep, please contact ABC Chimney in Desert Hot Springs, as they, too, are licensed to perform these services.  Pride Piper is not licensed to go into walls or go into the ground, as these jobs are for licensed contractors and they will stay ethical and refrain from doing these type of jobs.

If you have a VIKING, DACOR, THERMDOR or WOLF bbq grill, these brands are serviced by A&E Appliance Repair - call the manufacturer first, discuss with them, and they'll send a referral to the repair company to help you with your repair.