All Valley's Policies

We've run our business for many years with a foundation of policies that we believe are reasonable.  We hire Pride Piper Service & Repair to do our service calls and get products to our clients.  Established in 1978, this business is simply awesome!  Plus, their two main technicians (Tristan and Eric) have almost 30 and 13 years with the company, respectfully.  Please find their (and our) policies below:


  • They offer a 30-day warranty on all labor that they do or that we contract through them.  This means that if something they tighten or installs comes loose or comes undone, they will simply go back and re-do the work for no charge AND no drive fee.  Obviously, if you try to fix the problem yourself before they get their hands on the product, then their offer is invalid.  They believe that if they charged you to tighten or install something and their work was faulty, you should be able to call us/them so that they/we can correct the issue.  Also, if any part they installed fails within 30 days, or any product we sell you fails within 30 days, they will come out and fix it for no charge at all (Defects are covered, not anything that you do..., and only on parts or products that were delivered or installed - not on over-the-counter purchased products.).  We believe that the parts we sell should be perfect and functional and within the first 30 days, we will spend our money to correct a situation that was not caused by you or us. (After 30 days, drive-fees apply, and depending on the product, labor, too. Also, if it was not a part or labor failure and is determined to be something other than us and/or the part, you WILL pay standard service & labor fees.)  NOTE: This is for local (Palm Springs Area) jobs only - if you're more than 30 miles away from our store, drive and labor fees apply in any situation.
  • They charge a flat $250 for any log or glass installation, including the gas burner removal from gas stub and re-connect of the new burner.  This is for up to 1.5 hours for one man.  Additional 1/4 hours are $25.
  • PRIDE PIPER charges a one-time drive fee for ANY service call, even if it's a warranty service call (unless as stated above). This means that if a product is covered under warranty for parts and/or labor, then you are covered at the place it was installed.  But you will pay the drive-fee, as this is not a covered 'labor' item (again, not in the first 30 days if a genuine defect in workmanship, materials or labor).  Some service centers also charge a premium for our Desert, so while the manufacturer may cover the parts and labor, they do not cover the mileage to and from your home in some cases, like Sundance Spas. Currently, Sundance Spas does not support a full labor warranty and the spa technicians have to ask for more money - see store for details.  
  • PRIDE PIPER charges are very simple, and that's a good thing!  For outdoor / indoor products, their charge is $189 for the initial 3/4 hour of labor.  This INCLUDES any drive fees associated with getting to you, per service issue.  This means that if it takes one, or four, visits to your home to fix your original issue, then there are no additional drive fees - you're just charged the labor rate while at your home/residence.  For spas, there may be mileage charges, as well.  Hourly charges are broken up by 1/4 hours.


  • We don't do 'returns'.  We do offer 'credits' at our store, but on a case-by-case basis.  But we're all adults, so if you order something, then it's yours.  And if you buy something, it's yours.  Very simple and honest.  But again, we may offer a credit to you, but that's up to the Store Manager.

  • On a service call (by us or Pride Piper), if it is determined that we cannot work on the item, or we determine that there is no way to fix it, OR that it's unsafe as it sits and we cannot make it safe, we offer half of our total service call fee back to you IF you buy a new product from us within 30 days.  In other words, if we come out to service your product, and there is no way of fixing it, or there is BUT it's too expensive for your blood, then you'll pay us our service fee ... but if within 30 days you decide you want a new outdoor product, then we'll give you half of what you paid on your service call towards the new product!  How 'bout them apples? (Labor/drive fee only - once parts are installed, they're yours...)

  • We cannot guarantee when a part or product will be in - we can give you an excellent guess/estimate, but we do not control when products will arrive at our store, so our policy is always a best-guess scenario, NEVER a guarantee.  So if we quote you 2 weeks, then that's because we have usually gotten products from that vendor within 2 weeks.  But again, it's ONLY an estimate - when it comes in, we'll call you to set up a time/day to install or deliver the products. Honesty is the BEST policy!  ALL SPECIAL ORDER PARTS ARE YOURS, NO MATTER THE TIME IT TAKES TO GET THEM!!

  • We cannot guarantee an appointment, even if we schedule it.  Why? Because things happen.  When you buy a product, you enter into a contract for us to supply that product to you.  But sometimes people get sick, a truck/service vehicle may have a problem, etc.  To this end, if we or Pride Piper misses an appointment where it's our fault, we will re-schedule you for the next available time slot.  But no scheduled appointment is guaranteed.  Running a business is difficult enough, and sometimes, 'stuff' happens to cause delays.  Please note that we will, however, always act with honesty and integrity when dealing with our clients.  (Oh - if we miss TWO appointments, then the third service call is half price for the first 1/2 hour!!!  How 'bout them apples? :) :) )

  • On products that require a certain color that you provide to us (example, bbq islands), we will get the correct color and paint the product that color.  But it will NEVER be an exact match - there are always slight color differences, and we want you to know that while we'll try, the paint manufacturers and local paint supply companies will mix the color to the specifications given to them.  If you do not provide to us a code/manufacturer, then we will use our best judgement.  The rule? Best to get us a code/manufacturer for the paint color...

  • If you've ordered a product and then want to make a change, there are 'change fees' associated with bbq islands, fireplaces and spas.  Our administrative change fee is $50, plus whatever the change fee is from the manufacturer.  If the product has not went into production yet, then most likely, it will only be our $50 fee.  If the item has gone into production, then there may be a substantial cost if the change involves re-doing something that was already built.  Now, if you call the next day and want something simple changed, then we'll just handle that easily and without charge.... but after a day, chances are, somebody entered it into production and they'll be fees associated with changing your mind... Communication is key, so please communicate to us if you're not sure of something or need more time.  This just helps everybody... :)

  • All products that we sell are level, so if your ground is unlevel, please ask an associate what it will take to make your area level.  For islands, dry-pack cement can be used for an additional cost.  For spas, a level pad should be poured.  But we are not responsible for a slight gap under any product that we sell due to unlevel ground.

  • We require complete payment of your product before or at the time of delivery.  No exceptions.  If we are ready for delivery and you've had an unexpected delay with your backyard or your circumstances, then we need to be paid first, then we can hold the products for no charge up to 90 days. (FOR SPAS, COMPLETE PAYMENT MUST BE MADE AT TIME OF DELIVERY OR WITHIN 30 DAYS OF YOUR ORDER - NO EXCEPTIONS!!!) Remember, we're a small shop and cannot afford to pay our suppliers if we don't receive the final payment from you.  :)  If you owe a balance and it's not paid within 60 days of the completion of your installation/product delivery (or from the time when that should have happened), then we will charge a 1.5% fee, from the date of completion/installation, per month until the product is paid for or we receive a judgement.

  • On islands, all quotes are assuming $4 per square foot tile (6" or 8" square).  Any additional cost of tile above this price will be paid by the customer.  Porcelain and Ceramic is what is standard - granite or marble or chair rail or bullnosed 3" x 12" pieces are additional labor, so we will quote this specific to each job.

  • Hook-ups are additional (Gas, Elec, Water), unless in the contract.  We can only do certain things, as we're not a licensed contractor, so our ability is somewhat limited.  For simple hook-ups, we can accommodate.  For more complex hook-ups that require going underground or going through walls, please consult a contractor.  

  • Restocking fees are 35% for all products, except spas, which are 45%.  This is ONLY if we choose to do a restocking fee - if not, then all sales are final.  For most custom-ordered (special order) products, there is no stocking fee because the sale is final.  Again, ask the Store Manager if you have an issue and we'll do our best to help you.  We practice "SELL ITEM, ACQUIRE ITEM" at our store, so when we sell something, we immediately replenish it.  It's not good cash management to sell something, buy a replacement for stock, then take your item back... especially after you made the purchase...   but if it's a good selling item, then we MAY allow you to return it for store credit or possibly a full refund - please get with the store manager. :)

  • Islands, Fireplaces, Spas.. these items are NOT attached to the home or site. You are free to do this after we're done or ask the vendor that is supplying the products to you.

  • Old products are not taken away, so if you need an old bbq or spa to be taken away, let us know and we'll quote you a dump fee to remove and dump it. (Also called a "Haul-Away" Fee)  We HIGHLY recommend calling the City that you live in to find out about their free haul-away services offered to residents.  And ALL products that are to be delivered to you, you agree, are YOURS prior to their delivery to your home.  We don't deliver OUR products to our clients; we deliver YOUR products to you! :)

  • Obstructions need to be removed prior to our arrival with your new product.  Allow 2" on either side, just to be safe.  We do not take off gates or fences.  Cranes are an additional cost and are relatively inexpensive - figure $400 for most jobs.  We don't own them, but we always recommend "All Valley Crane Service" in the Desert area.  Karey is the owner and he's a great young man to deal with.  (Note: Jim at White's Crane is 'the man' when you need a big crane.  His prices start around $650...  John at Desert Crane, as well, does the big jobs for about that same $650 price.) YOU are responsible for making sure there is enough room for your spa to make it to where it needs to go - you can always ask us for help with pictures and measurements to put the blame on us if you need an affirmation that the spa will go through.  The delivery people CAN slide the spa on dirt, gravel, sand and grass!!!   Just make sure to measure - think of it as a big piece of furniture coming through...  so measure accordingly. :)

  • When needing service, either under warranty or not, please note that we go by the Manufacturers warranties. For example, if you live more than 30 miles from our store and you purchased a Sundance Spa, there may be additional service call fees to get your spa serviced, even under warranty (which at best covers parts and labor but only at your residence).  Also, for example, if you purchased a Blaze BBQ, then you have a warranty on parts, but there is not a labor component to the warranty.  We just ask that you read all warranties from the respective manufacturers, and if you live far away from our store (30 miles or more), then please expect a service call fee.