Firelogs & Glass Media Brands

First, we have three main log brands that we carry.  RealFyre are the best-selling log sets, as they have metal in the logs that help keep them together, offering a lifetime guarantee on them to the original purchaser.  They have a ton of designs, and their new G45 and G46 burners really showcase the spectacular flames coming up through the logs.  Eiklor Flames is a specialty manufacturer of LARGE log sets, which are sometimes specified for larger, taller fireplaces.  They feature larger log sets for those hard-to-fit fireplaces...  Lastly, Rasmussen logs are an industry standard, with offerings from spheres and balls to remarkable burner systems.  All three offer remote and valve systems as options. American Fire Glass and Finishing Touch are primarily suppliers of fine glass products, such as 1/4", 1/2", 1" glass, gems, and tumbled lava rock! They also feature several burners for firepits and glass installations, as well as burner systems and more!

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1) Make sure that you have a gas stub coming from the left, right or rear floor of your fireplace - there needs to be a gas stub physically coming into the firebox in order for us to hook up a gas log set or ‘fire n ice’ setup. If there is no gas stub found, then possibly, you have a ‘builder’s fireplace’ and have electronics/mechanical equipment under the floor of your fireplace. Check to make sure PRIOR to ordering your equipment. 

2) You will need ample space between the firelogs and the side walls of your fireplace (unless it’s a masonry fireplace built entirely out of block). Usually, you will need 3” or more on each side. Our calculation is simple; we take the front opening measurement (let’s say 36”), and the rear width measurement (let’s say 24”), add them up (60”), then divide by 2 (30”). This is the width at the center of your fireplace. THEN, we deduct 6” (3” clearance at each side, right and left), and we come up with 24”. This would be the proper log set width to sell you. :)  If you wanted a remote system, we would most-likely do a G46 set-up (for logs) and this way, you could keep the same size that you need and wouldn't have to reduce a size to fit the electronics into the firebox (the G46 includes the electronics into the burner portion of the system - a great idea!).

3) If you want a remote added to your fireplace logs, we can do that (see above), but for glass, you'll need a specialty burner that houses the electronics in a raised pan-type burner system - it's polished and beautiful, and really makes the glass shine!  So if you want a remote and the fire-n-ice set-up, then we can do it!  Give us a shout and we'll guide you through the process.

It’s always good to take measurements, then take them again, just to make sure. Call us at 760-342-5277 for any other questions, or to help with your measurements of your fireplace! Taking pictures help, too!  Click below for our measurement sheet to help you with determining your logs or glass size!!