This FRIENDS page was created to give our clients a resource for businesses that do specific work that they may need to have done at their home or estate.  We cannot recommend any of them personally because we've never used them, but our clients have, and they've seemed happy with the results.  We highly encourage you to ask for references, etc., but here they are and they've provided us some pictures of their work. Enjoy!


MODERNO WORKS is a company here in Southern California that works exclusively with PORCELAIN countertops - they actually acquire, fabricate and install, and it's all under one roof.  While we have not used them, several of our customers have, so while we cannot recommend or refer them (because we have not personally used them), we can offer them to you as a source for your new porcelain countertop for outdoor use!

Contact John Bennett (Project Specialist) @ 714-928-1958 (Cell) or his office @ 323-844-0101 .