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American Fyre Designs and JMI Islands both make island structures.  American Fyre Designs has pre-built templates and only offer two islands at this time, and each are only for the FireMagic and AOG Brands.  We do know, however, some people who have taken these pre-done, cast islands and made them fit other brands, so that's something we can discuss.  On the truly custom side, JMI is a trusted source for us, building custom-designed islands and entertainment structures, and they sell directly to the client (you).  We've been using them for 15 years, and while more money that some local shops, the expense is worth it; they simply do an excellent job and make us look good!  Come in today to discuss your plans and options!

Also, we'd like to mention that most times, homeowners have easement rules, which basically states that you cannot built a structure close to a shared wall or structure/home.  So if you live in an HOA or similar homeowner-type community, then having an island built there, on-site, means that this type of structure will be a 'permanent' structure.

However, with a pre-cast American Fyre Designs island, or a pre-built JMI island, you will not have to worry about any easement, as these products are considered 'portable', and thus, do not typically have to conform to any easement requirements.  Check with your City Planning department, but as a rule, our island products that are either pre-cast or pre-built can go right up against a common wall or structure without any code violation to speak of! :)  (760) 342-5277



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Prefabricated Islands are no different than a couch or potted plant. They can be brought out, fully assembled, and do not have to meet set-back rules for most city's!