American Fyre Designs is one of those companies that has come out of the fire... like a Phoenix!  They were once "Designs by Garry", and R.H.Peterson saw an opportunity and bought Garry's business and asked Garry to come oversee it whilst RHP made it global.  They are now a HUGE part of the RHP business and their Fireplaces, Firepits, Urns, FireTables...  they're incredible!!  We offer no-nonsense pricing on the products, and if you click below, it will open up a separate tab for your to look at the latest catalogue of products.  We sell NO OTHER type of product like this in our store - these guys are the best!!!

Remember that we offer full-service on these products, so if you need us to bring the product over to your home or estate, unpack it, position it, and then do the hook-ups for it, then we're more than capable to do these things.  If you need gas or electrical ran to these areas beforehand, please contact us so that we can recommend a licensed contractor to do the preliminary work prior to our arrival with your outdoor product!